Valencia Gunder's 10 Favorite things about Black Panther: #SpoilerAlert

Crystal Chanel & Valencia Gunder at Legacy Awards

1. The Princess wasn't soft and girly she was a warrior.

2. Wakanda was beautiful (they didn't show any crime or slums just education, sustainability and resiliency).

3. All of the men were fine AF!!!

4. They discussed a lot of the layers of issues we face across the diaspora.

5. They still had a humor.

6. The perfect mix of herbal science, technology, spirituality and culture.

7. The deadliest warriors were WOMEN.

8. Kilmonger wasn't a villain but a anti-hero (there is a difference).

9. Black people had a chance to just enjoy and play in their imagination even if it was just for a weekend.

10. My favorite line: "Hey Auntie".

BONUS: I over love that so many different cultures and tribes were apart of the costumes, language and rituals.... LOVED IT!

BONUS + BONUS: Angela Bassett was Cute Honey and was a strong woman who gave her children space to learn and grow.

And FINAL BONUS: I wish we could have a nation that was never colonized and be leading in EVERYTHING with all black people. (A girl can dream? Can't she?).

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